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Unconventional Formations #1: Coach Slade Singleton's X/Z Over Formation

Darrin Sheffer

With Contributions by Coach Slade Singleton
Twitter: @slade248

Photo provided by Coach Slade Singleton

Coach, is your offense... Boring?  Predictable?  Looking to add some spice to your offense?  I suggest you find yourself an Unconventional Formation.  Now understand that I'm not suggesting that you need to find a whole new offensive scheme, I'm just saying you should really be thinking of adding something new and something that not a lot of other coaches have the balls to do.  Some coaches may be afraid that adding something on top of what they already do will ruin their strategy.  What if I told you it didn't need to?  What if I told you that adding ONE unconventional formation won't be too expensive to teach?  

I want to first thank Coach Slade Singleton Co Author/ Unlocking The Air Raid DNA (link below) for allowing me to write about one formation that he uses and I just freaking love, his X/Z Over Formation, or some may call it Quints Formation (see picture above and diagram below).  I have been following Coach Singleton for a while on Twitter now and I have to say that he is one of the friendliest and most generous people I have been in contact with.  If you are not already following him on Twitter you really should because you are going to learn a ton about his offense.  From the film and videos I have seen Coach Singleton has built his Spread RPO offense around an athletic QB making his go to play the QB Sweep RPO.  

What could make the QB Sweep RPO even better?  How about throwing the X Over formation into the mix.  In one of his videos, Coach Singleton has stated that he uses Tempo in his Spread Offense, and when his offense comes out in this formation the other coaching staff loses their minds.  Many times it has caused the other coach to call a timeout to readjust.  Coach Singleton's goal in this formation is to empty the box so that his QB has more running lanes.  Other than his QB Sweep RPO he also likes QB Trap, Power and Iso.  I have diagrammed his Sweep RPO below.  

Coach Singleton has tagged a Bubble Screen RPO onto his QB Sweep which I think is great because it gives the QB a second option on his sweep or Bail Out.  Coach has said that opposing defenses are usually so scared of the QB run game that he only sees about 3 or 4 defenders covering the 5 players off to the side which can create great match ups for the Bubble Screen.  One other play that I can think of, I'm sure Coach has come up with this already, is to fake the sweep RPO and have his Z go deep.  Have the QB sprint out like the Sweep but have him take a step back and throw deep.  Just an idea.  

If you would like to see more from Coach Singleton please go straight to the source on Twitter: @slade248

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